Indian Institute of Ceramics (IICERAM) is a society of professionals engaged in the diverse activities relating to Ceramics.

Established in 1973 and registered in 1974 under West Bengal Societiesí Act 1961. The major objectives of the Institute are to promote and advance the study and practice of Ceramic Science, Technology and Engineering in India, to extend knowledge and information connected with ceramics by holding Meetings, Seminar and Conferences, to give Membership Certificates to the competent persons, engaged in the profession of ceramics, by conducting examination as per prescribed syllabus etc.

Institute also organizes Refresher Course for the benefit of the students or Professional in the field of Ceramics Science Technology for their upliftment of the knowledge.


The Institute recognises the professional and academic achievements of the persons engaged in the advancement of Ceramic Science and Technology by offering Membership of the Institute in the following categories :

Hony Fellows
Associate Members
Patrons and
Student Members

The present strength of the different categories of members as on 2020, March is 1009.


 Annual Session: Every year an Annual Session is held in any one of the major Cities of India to present the activities of the Institute.



 No of Visitors :



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